New Construction/Service Change

Install service for a new commercial or residential property, plat development, lighting project, change your service from overhead to underground, or if you need your service moved.

Temporary Service Changes - Effective April 8, 2024

Beginning Monday, April 8, Connexus Energy will require that a separate application be submitted for temporary and permanent service. In addition, when applying for temp service you will be required to indicate the location of the temporary meter, submit the electrical permit, and submit the site ready photo by attaching them to the application.  

If the permit and photo are not sent in at the time of application, it will not be processed.  

If all requirements are met, the application will be processed, and an invoice sent within 24 to 48 hours. As soon as payment is received, the work order will move to Scheduling.

These changes will result in less delays and quicker turnaround times for temp services. It will also reduce the number of payments made and refunded if the temp is not installed.

Temporary Installation Guides:

If you have any questions, please reach out to our builders team at [email protected] or 763.323.4214 

New Residential Construction

The following information pertains to:

  • Homeowners who would like their power changed from overhead to underground.
  • Homeowners who need a meter location moved.
  • Homeowners who need underground service rerouted.
  • Builders or homeowners building a new home, garage, or other building.
  • Builders or homeowners who need an additional meter and service.


  • The customer is responsible for providing a PVC Slip Meter Riser for underground service risers to electric meters.
  • Connexus Energy requires a site ready photo in order to complete the design and invoice you for your service.
  • To have Connexus get to your site more quickly, consider building a kick wall at your structure’s permanent meter base location.

New Home Construction/Existing Service Change

Complete the Residential Application for Electrical Service below to begin the process for new construction or if you need your service moved for a new pool, moving your meter for an addition, or similar instances. If your service is not for a new service in a platted development with city water and sewer, a designer will start reviewing the application within 10-15 business days.

Additional resources:

Commercial Construction

Please download and complete these forms for new commercial construction requests for electric service:

Service Changes

  • To make changes to your Commercial Service, complete the Service Change Application.
  • To fully disconnect for demolition or retirement of services, please fill out this form.

Three-Phase Service Requirements

For three-phase service, be sure to review the Concrete Pad and Metering Specifications.

Fax completed forms to 763.421.8314, email to [email protected], or mail to: Connexus Energy, Attn: Engineering/New Construction, 14601 Ramsey Blvd., Ramsey, MN 55303

New Construction Payment

Payments for new construction can be made online. Payments can only be made on invoices (quotes that have been formally accepted and invoiced by Connexus staff).

For residential services, please call our Builders Team at 763.323.4214 (M-F, 7 a.m.-3 p.m.)

For commercial services, plat developments or lighting projects, please call our Engineering Department at 763.323.2740.

Note: this online payment option is only for new construction, NOT your monthly electric bill.


Charges/Fees and General Rules and Conditions of Service

Inspections & Permits

The Notice of Inspection should be completed by your state or city inspector once electrical inspection is complete.

View a list of City and State Inspectors.

320-Amp Service

When applying for 320-amp service or greater, please complete both the Residential Application for Electrical Service and the Residential Electric Service and Load Information form. Contact your electrician for assistance.

New Development Installation

Developers or engineers planning to construct a residential or commercial development that will have underground service are encouraged to contact Engineering Services to discuss the application process.

The necessary requirements and applications are available for download below. The application must be completed and returned to Connexus before design of the electric system can proceed.


Residential Builders Line: 763.323.4214 or email [email protected]

Residential new construction application

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