Contractor Safety

At Connexus Energy, we’re committed to providing the highest level of electrical safety hazards training – for the protection and wellbeing of our employees and our members. We require our contractors to complete the same safety training. The Connexus contractor safety orientation program provides safety training for individuals not directly employed by Connexus Energy who perform work for the company on a contract basis and may be exposed to safety hazards.

Contractor and visitor respiratory illness expectations

Contractors and visitors are encouraged to self-screen for respiratory illness symptoms prior to coming to Connexus. All contractors and visitors shall refrain from visiting Connexus whenever they are sick or have symptoms of respiratory illness. Contractors and visitors who experience an onset of symptoms while at Connexus must leave immediately. Thank you for keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Contractors are responsible for ensuring that they and any employees working on a Connexus job site are familiar with the content of this orientation. Contractors must submit the form below after completing the training.


Field safety orientation

Field safety orientation is a basic orientation for field, trade, or craft employees and contractors who provide line work, painting, electrical services, vegetation management, or other field work.

Office safety orientation

Office safety orientation is a basic orientation for office employees and contractors, including auditors, trainers, and consultants.

Additional orientation materials

Certain positions require additional safety training for specific risks and hazards. Any employees or contractors must complete the specialized training, listed below, for their specific field.

Contractor safety orientation sign-in form

By completing this form, you verify that the employees listed below have read and understand all required sections of the Connexus safety orientation. This orientation is valid for one year after completion, or as specified by the contract owner at Connexus. The contractor further certifies they will inform any new employees of these requirements before starting work on Connexus property.


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