Budget Billing Enrollment

Your electric usage changes with the seasons. Your bill shouldn’t have to.

This free service can help you manage your budget by making electric service bills predictable. Our budget billing plan doesn't reduce your energy costs, instead it divides them evenly over each month of the year so your bill remains consistent.

We determine a monthly payment based on the average of your last 12 months of electricity use so you will know the amount of your monthly payments in advance. We will review your account every six months to ensure that your payment continues to be in line with your energy use. As your energy usage shifts, we will adjust your budget billing amount to help you stay on track. Our budget billing plan is meant to adjust as your usage adjusts and factor in any credits or charges into your next budget cycle, saving you the trouble of unexpected bills.

Requirements for the program:

  • To participate in the budget program, you must remain current on your electric bills. If you are late on two consecutive bills, you will be removed from the program.
  • Because the budget amount is based on the home's previous 12-month usage, Connexus recommends enrolling in budget after living in the home for at least one year.
  • Members with rooftop solar net metering are not eligible for this program.

Budget Billing Requests

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