Renewable Energy

We are here to assist you in learning more about how renewable energy can benefit your business. Whether you are looking to meet renewable energy goals or find the best way to reduce your energy costs, your Connexus Energy Account Representative is here to guide you towards the best solutions for your renewable energy ambitions. 

Did you know Connexus can help you meet sustainability and renewable energy goals without having to install solar panels on your property? Our locally generated, pollinator-friendly renewable energy credits (RECs) are available to purchase for any business searching for the most cost-effective way to green their consumption. Reach out to your Account Representative to understand how we can help you meet your goals through RECs.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency to Sustainability

The greenest and cheapest energy is the energy you never had to use! Whether you are trying to lower your energy costs or go green, the first step should be to review your current consumption, equipment and processes to identify efficiency opportunities that will lower your overall consumption. Your dedicated Account Representative can help you identify these opportunities for your business. Getting as efficient as possible can lower your upfront costs in a rooftop solar installation by reducing consumption and allowing you to install a smaller system that still covers your usage. Connexus offers many business rebates to assist with the upfront cost of any efficiency project as well as custom rebates that are tailored for your business.

Ready to Generate Your Own Energy?

We are here to help! Navigating the different rates, interconnection procedures, and deciphering contractor bids can get overwhelming, so make sure to reach out to your Account Representative to help you through this process. While Connexus does not directly design, finance, or install solar for our members, we can make sure you and your contractor understand the process. While you are getting bids from contractors here are a few things to keep in mind or look out for:


Does your contractor know Connexus Energy is your electricity provider?

This may seem to go without saying but your contractor should be using Connexus Energy rates. Double check any bid or ROI you get to make sure it includes your Connexus Energy business rate and the appropriate distributed energy rate and applicable riders. Each utility has its own unique rates that affects the economics of your system's performance. Is the payback assuming a certain amount of utility rate increases every year? Connexus has kept rates flat for five of the last six years and, as a not-for-profit cooperative, we are mission-driven to keep electricity rates affordable for our members.

Have you or your contractor requested your historical consumption data?

We are here to assist you in this process and can provide historical consumption data to help your contractor size a system or inform your payback. Only you can release your data to a contractor, so if you haven't authorized it, they have not received it. A good bid should include looking at both billing history and interval data. If you are on a demand rate, the timing of your monthly demand peak is crucial to how much your system reduces your demand costs. If your demand peak is at 10pm when solar is not producing energy, that is important information for your contractor to know when developing a bid.

System size

Connexus has different rates that apply to different system sizes:

Qualifying facilities under 40kW are eligible to receive a net metering rate:

Qualifying facilities 40kW and larger do not qualify for net metering and will have the time-of-day rate available instead:

Qualifying facilities over 60kW will also be subject to Connexus Energy's Standby Service Rider. This rider is applied to the time-of-day rate.

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