Peak-Shaving Generation Credit Rider Program

Connexus Energy promotes the use of member-owned generation for peak shaving. When demand is high, Connexus will send a signal to your generator to run up to 12 hours. Members receive a credit based on the demand, which is reduced at the time of the system peak.

Monthly credit

Customers qualify for monthly guaranteed credit on your electric bill for standby generation, for a period of seven years. The credit, based on monthly curtailed demand multiplied by a generation credit, provides a guaranteed credit even during non-control months.

Proper installation of a generator is critical. Connexus Energy partners with qualified, licensed electricians who will safely connect a standby generator to your main power system, completed to National Electric Code requirements and specifications. This will ensure the proper operation of equipment and the safety of customers and employees.

Contact your Connexu business account representative for more information on the Generation Credit Rider program and for additional details on generator installation.

Distributed generation – customer connection responsibilities

SCADA Requirements

  • Mount enclosure* in an accessible location. In case of manual operation, 24/7 access is required.
  • 120VAC with ground – 5-amp capacity.
  • Wiring for transfer switch/genset run signal from Connexus to customer equipment. This is a dry contact output signal.

*Connexus will supply SCADA enclosure, meter socket, voltage transformers, and current transformers used for metering only after receipt and approval of interconnection application.

Optional Signals - Signal Inputs to Connexus System

These signals are expected to be dry contact type signals with the Connexus system, providing 24VDC to drive signal back to the Connexus panel.

  • ATS in emergency position
  • ATS in utility position
  • Generator running
  • Low fuel
  • Lockout
  • Genset alarm
  • Spare

Metering Requirements

The generator must be metered separately to apply proper credits to the account. Metering requires the following from the customer:

  • Current Transformer (CT) cabinet with 1 ¼ inch conduit run to meter socket.
  • Fused 3-phase potential wires plus neutral (black, blue, red, and white 12 AWG) provided from the load side of the transfer switch to the meter socket. Please note: these wires need to supply a constant potential to the meter, so they will need to be energized by the generator when it is running, and by the utility when it is not. This needs to be the primary voltage, not voltage from a step-down transformer.
  • Analog phone line to both meters. The two meters can share this phone line, but it is recommended that is not shared with anything else. Phone wire should be twisted pair.

See Interconnection Process and Requirements.

Contact Information

For any questions, you may contact the DER Interconnection Coordinator at [email protected], or call or text 763.691.8981.
For metering, contact Dan Wruck at 763.323.2794.

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