Outage Alerts

Sign up for outage notifications via email or text to get updates on outages in your area and restoration times.

When enrolled for alerts, members will generally receive notices when:

  • Connexus Energy is aware of an outage in your area.
  • an estimated time of restoration is known.

  • updated information is available regarding restoration time.

  • power is restored.

Depending on the outage, the number of messages sent will vary. In the case of a major outage, specific information related to a specific address may not be available. As much information as known will be shared via the alerts, as well as other social and media outlets as necessary.

To stop receiving outage alerts, simply log-in to My Account and change the settings. Or, call member services during normal business hours at 763.323.2650.

Outage alerts
Enroll in Outage Alerts

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