Life Support Members

Members who rely on electricity to operate medically necessary equipment should contact their physician to complete and sign the Connexus Energy Medically Necessary Equipment Form.

Restoration of power policy

Alerting Connexus of the use of medically necessarily equipment does not guarantee that power will be restored to your location first. During an outage, we restore power to the largest block of members first. This strategy provides the highest probability that members with medically necessary equipment are restored quickly.

What to expect

Members with medically necessary equipment can expect:

  • To receive advanced notice of planned power outages to allow you to make alternate arrangements during the outage, if necessary.
  • Connexus to contact you during unplanned outages, providing information on the cause and an estimated time that power will be restored.
  • Updates should the restoration time change.

Back-up plan

We encourage our members with medically necessary equipment to prepare for power outages.

  • Plan for other living arrangements or arrange for an alternative power supply.
  • In some circumstances, a back-up generator may be appropriate. Members are responsible for the safe installation, use, and maintenance of a generator.
  • If your medical equipment has a battery back-up, ensure that the battery is charged and tested regularly.

Keep your information current

To make changes to the information previously submitted on a medically necessary form, or if you no longer need to be on the life support list, please complete the form below.

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