New Construction

Install or update service for an existing residential property, existing business property, or new construction.

If you are building a new home, garage, need your meter moved, or need your power changed to underground.
Residential New Construction
If you are planning to construct a new commercial or residential development or commercial building.
Commercial New Construction
If you are a developer or engineer planning to construct a new commercial or residential development that will have underground services.
New Development Installation


Payments for new construction can be made online. Payments can only be made on invoices (quotes that have been formally accepted and turned into an invoice by Connexus staff). For residential services, please call our Builders Team at 763.323.4214. For commercial services, plat developments or lighting projects, please call our Engineering Department at 763.323.2740. Review the construction payment FAQ's.

Note: this online payment option is only for new construction, NOT your monthly electric bill.

Does Connexus Energy serve my address?

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Charges/Fees and General Rules and Conditions of Service

Review the Connexus Energy Schedule of Charges and General Rules and Conditions of Service.
Note: additional winter charges may apply from November 1 - April 1.


Residential Builders Line: 763.323.4214 or email

Commercial Services: 763.323.2740 or email