Power Supply Team

Connexus Energy is focused on reliability

It’s difficult to imagine your life without electricity. You use it to open your garage door, heat and cool your home, refrigerate and cook your food, charge your phone, and even power your car. Fortunately, Connexus members only experience an unplanned outage once every 3.6 years on average. 

A resilient grid design

The grid is the system we use to move electricity from where it is produced to where it is used in your home or business. You see much of our equipment each day.

Look at the graphic above for a simple breakdown of how electricity is generated, carried by interconnected wires and equipment, and safely delivered to your outlets and switches. We prioritize reliability when planning how to modernize and restore aging portions of our distribution grid because we know how much your life depends on it.

Know what’s happening

Customize how and when you receive alerts and updates. Pick the information that you want to receive by logging into your online account at connexusenergy.com. Choose from:

  • Billing reminders & payment confirmations  
  • Customized daily consumption thresholds
  • Weekly usage summary
  • Program enrollment 
  • Power outage updates

Our employees make us strong

Maintaining Connexus Energy’s industry-leading distribution system reliability is a daily focus for employees. Educated and experienced employees build and manage our distribution system so that you can work from home, prepare dinner, and relax while watching a favorite program. 

Seven core values drive how our 200+ employees operate and make decisions, both individually and as a cohesive team. Those core values are safety always, service driven, collaborative, empowered, innovative, integrity, and respect all. 

“Last May, we experienced unprecedented storm-driven outages, the most in your cooperative’s 85-year history. Thanks to our resilient grid design and the dedication of our experienced team, we were able to manage the system and promptly restore power,” explained Connexus CEO Greg Ridderbusch. During unplanned outages like this, power is always restored to all members as safely and efficiently as possible. 

We have a variety of careers at Connexus. Our divisions and some of their roles include:

  • Electric Operations – Linework, field support, warehouse & fleet services, engineering, design, geospatial services, and system operations
  • Power Supply & Business Development – Data analytics, commercial account support, marketing, and communications
  • Technology – Cyber security, hardware, software, and network support
  • Members – Member services support, metering, and economic development
  • Employee Services – Human resources, safety, and facility services
  • Finance – Accounting, financial planning, and billing & collections

What it takes to be a lineworker

Lineworkers construct and maintain our overhead and underground electrical distribution lines in a safe, reliable, and timely manner. They work hard and are committed to keeping your power on. 

You (or someone you know) could be a lineworker if you enjoy:

  • Climbing poles to elevated heights
  • Operating bucket trucks & power tools
  • Working outdoors in all weather elements
  • Working as a team

Join us! Visit conneusenergy.com/careers to view our current openings, benefits, and company culture. 

Winter 2023 newsletter

This article appeared in our Winter 2023 newsletter.