Safety is a top priority at Connexus Energy. Each team is constantly practicing safety techniques to ensure the best and most efficient way to handle all types of situations.

On May 10th of this year, 43 of our linemen practiced life-saving pole top and bucket rescue skills using a 150lb dummy victim. During this annual safety training – two things are practiced: proper May-Day procedures and pole top rescue. The May-Day procedure is practicing the efficient way to call in the rescue to our System Operations team. Our crew onsite then safely climbs the pole where the unconscious dummy victim hangs by their climbing belt up in the air. The linemen use a hand line to safely bring the victim to the ground. Another form of pole top rescue that the crews practiced is the bucket rescue, where the crew focuses on bringing an unconscious victim down to the ground via the bucket. The crew practices using the emergency lower controls on the bucket which is up in the air, then tips the bucket enough to get the victim out on to the ground.

The safety training day also touched on other items such as properly isolating, testing, and grounding overhead and underground lines. We always want to make sure that Connexus employees are prepared for any type of situation that may arise and practicing these different safety techniques every year is the best way for our employees to react immediately and potentially save a life if they ever encounter an unfortunate situation.