Residential Rates

Connexus Energy residential rates include the following:

Basic Service Charge
$14.50 per month

Energy Charge (kWh)
$0.1313 June – September
$0.1213 October – May

Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)
$0.005006 January
$0.004746 February

The Power Cost Adjustment is a charge that accounts for the increase and decrease in charges Connexus Energy receives from our power supplier. The PCA fluctuates depending on power demand, the wholesale market price, and customer usage. It is important to note that there is no markup for Connexus Energy with the PCA, which is implemented by most utilities statewide and nationwide.

Cost of Power

Wholesale power costs make up 75 percent of your electric bill and reflects the cost to build, finance, maintain, manage, and operate the power plants that produce the energy you use.

Connexus Energy rates remain below the national average. Our residential members on average pay about $107 per month. That amount allows you to light your home, use your kitchen appliances, run your air conditioner and furnace, charge your cell phone – all this and more for $3.53 per day. When you consider how much electricity enhances your everyday life, this remains a great value.

Electric Rate Book