Solar + Storage Overview

Make way for solar plus storage. Connexus Energy’s two new Solar plus Storage sites in Ramsey and Athens Township are expected to be operational by the end of the year. In October, Connexus hosted a “Celebrate the Sun” event for stakeholders that included a tour of the Ramsey site. The two sites are leading the way in the solar community with their addition of battery storage – a system that has the ability to save the power that the solar panels collect to use at times when electricity demand is at it’s peak – such as during the summer months, which helps save in power supply costs.

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The two sites sit on a total of 54 acres and create energy equivalent to 1,889 homes on average per year. The battery storage units at both sites can store over three times that amount – the equivalent of 6,742 homes average energy use per year. The ability to store this energy to use during peak electricity demand is what makes the solar sites so efficient. The energy is collected by an impressive total of 41,040 solar panels and stored in 3,150 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries installed at the sites.

Ramsey Site

  • 18 acres
  • 13,851 solar panels
  • 1,260 batteries
  • Solar production equivalent to 644 homes
  • Storage equivalent to 2,697 homes

Athens Site

  • 36 acres
  • 27,189 solar panels
  • 1,890 batteries
  • Solar production equivalent to 1,245 homes
  • Storage equivalent to 4,045 homes

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Solar + Storage Construction

Watch progress of the innovative solar + storage sites construction in Ramsey & Athens, Minnesota.