Save with our heat storage program, which offers a rate of 4.45¢ per kWh versus 11.89¢ when in use.

Heat storage can supply 100 percent of your home’s heating requirements, or can be used as a supplement to another heat source. It’s also a favorable option for new additions, slabs-on-grade, workshops, and garages.

How it Works

The heat storage equipment heats during off-peak hours (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.), and stores heat in bricks or a sand bed. During the day when electric demand is high, the stored heat radiates from the bricks or the sand bed, creating clean, comfortable, and uniform heat from floor to ceiling.

Qualifying Electric Heat Storage Equipment

Room Heat Storage Units and Electric Heat Central Storage Furnaces

During off-peak hours, electricity is used to heat specially-designed, high-density ceramic bricks capable of storing a vast amount of heat for extended periods. During the day when electric demand is high, a fan inside unit circulates the stored heat as the thermostat requires it.

Under-Floor Electric Cables/Pads

Electric-resistant cables or pads are buried in the sand beneath the concrete ground slab. During off-peak hours, the sand bed stores heat from the electric cables or pads. During the day when the electric demand is high, the stored heat radiates through the floor, creating clean, comfortable, and uniform heat in your home from floor to ceiling.

Please note: talk to your contractor about additional carpet, foundation, and insulation requirements needed for either option.

How to Sign-Up

  1. Ensure that the alternate heat source is automatic, thermostat-controlled, and able to heat the home adequately for up to 400 hours. If in doubt, please contact your own heating contractor.
  2. Contact Connexus Energy at 763.323.2650 to schedule a date and time to pick up the required metering equipment. You will need to provide the following information:
    1. • Number of circuits to be used in the breaker panel.
    2. • Number of amps per circuit.
    3. • Identify any existing off-peak or demand response programs in the home.
  3. A one-time installation fee of $50 will be added to your electric bill at the time of pick-up. Please note: depending on the installation, additional equipment, such as a sequencer box, may be required. Ask your contractor for details.
  4. A State Electrical Inspector must complete an inspection within 30 days of metering equipment installation.
  5. Contact Connexus Energy at 763.323.2738 for final off-peak inspection. Energy credits will not be applied until final inspection is completed.
Download additional information about the Heat Storage Program.