SolarWise, our community-based solar gardens, creates an easy and affordable way for our members to support an environmentally-friendly energy alternative.

Benefits of the SolarWise program include:

  • You avoid costs associated with installing solar panels on your property, along with maintenance and repair.
  • Renewable Energy Credits (REC's) are purchased & retired on your behalf.
  • Availability for both homeowners and renters.

Join The SolarWise Community

Go green without making a long-term financial commitment. Pay a monthly fee, in addition to your regular monthly bill, to offset all (or half) of your homes electric usage with the solar energy produced by the community solar garden.

Pay As You Go

  • $5.00 per month - Half House
  • $10.00 per month - Whole House
  • No upfront cost
  • No contracts - can cancel at any time. You do not own the output of energy from the panels, no energy credit on your electric bill.
  • Pay a monthly fee in addition to your regular electric bill to ensure your electric usage comes from a green energy source.
SolarWise Community Solar Garden

View real-time output of our SolarWise Community Solar Garden.

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Why is Connexus Energy offering a community solar garden?

Our members have shown a strong interest in alternative energy sources. Solar gardens not only make solar energy more affordable for everyone, it is well-suited for those who don’t want to take on the responsibilities of ownership.

Who is paying for this project?

Connexus has engaged a private investor to finance the project and take advantage of federal tax benefits. The cost of the solar garden does not impact our current rates or members who don't participate in the SolarWise project.
The cost of the project, as well as maintenance and insurance until the year 2034, is covered in the price of

the program.

Is this project being subsidized by members of Connexus Energy who are not interested in the solar garden?

No. This project is not subsidized by the entire membership. The costs associated with the solar garden are paid for by those who enroll. In fact, our solar garden eliminates the cost-shifting for non-solar members, which is typically not the case for residential rooftop solar applications.

How much does it cost?

With the Pay As You Go option, you choose a flat monthly fee to offset all (or half) of your homes electric usage with the solar energy produced by the solar garden.

Whole House - $10.00/month
Half House - $5.00/month

Monthly fees are added directly to your electric bill. Whole and half house fees are based on an average residential home’s usage of 850 kWh. Homes with a higher monthly usage can combine or increase their participation at the whole or half house increments.

Do I need to own a home to participate?

No. One of the unique benefits of a solar garden is that the panels are located at Connexus Energy and not directly on your property. So, no matter where you live in our service area, your solar purchase can move with you.

What happens if I move?

Moving is made simple depending on your situation.

If you are leaving our service area, your participation will simply cancel when your electric service is canceled.

If you are simply moving to another home within our service territory, your participation will transfer with you.

How long do I have to participate?

You can cancel your participation at any time, without penalty. There are no contracts or upfront fees.

Is there a way to see how much energy the solar garden is producing each month?

A web portal is available to all subscribers to illustrate the system output. Simply visit to access the portal.

How much will I save on my bill?

Energy savings are not credited directly to your monthly bill. Rather, participating in the SolarWise option with the Pay As You Go plan, ensures your homes energy usage is offset from a green energy source, without having to make a long-term investment.

Who is eligible to participate in the Pay As You Go option?

All residential members of Connexus Energy are able to participate in the program.

Am I eligible for the 30% federal investment tax credit?

No, the federal tax credit is already incorporated into the pricing structure.

What happens if a panel breaks or needs maintenance?

All maintenance, repair, and insurance costs are included in the purchase price. If something breaks, Connexus will fix it.

If I already have a solar contract, can I also participate in the Pay As You Go plan?

Yes. This plan is administered separately. If you’ve already purchased a panel, your contract will remain in place, along with your monthly credit.

Why it costs more.

When you subscribe to the SolarWise program, you are matching the amount of energy you use with a renewable source (solar) by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (REC's). Subsequently, the SolarWise program retires REC’s on your behalf with a company called M-RETS, ensuring the energy you subscribe to is indeed matched with a green energy source.

SolarWise Community Solar Garden

A cost-effective solar option you can own. SolarWise is a community-based solar garden designed to make it easier and more affordable for our members to support an alternative, environmentally-friendly energy option.

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