Become a renewable partner by joining our Renewable Energy Program.

While the electricity that is delivered to your home already includes approximately 38% renewable energy, energy-conscious members have the option of helping us do even more for the environment.

Doing our part

Our commitment to environmental leadership is part of our strategic initiatives, and we are convinced that pursuing renewable energy alternatives and giving members the choice to support those initiatives is the right thing to do.

Become a Renewable Partner

Choosing to participate in the renewable energy program will not affect your normal power delivery. The program is flexible and can be adjusted to your needs at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Renewable Energy?

The Renewable Energy Program is a voluntary program offered to members of Connexus Energy. Renewable energy is generated from wind turbines and/or solar arrays located in Minnesota.

While 38% of the electricity that is delivered to all homes and businesses already includes some renewable energy, participating in the Renewable Energy Program is an added bonus.

Where is the renewable energy produced?

All of the energy is sourced locally, within the state of Minnesota.

Will I still receive traditional power sources?

Yes. you won't be able to distinguish whether the electrons flowing into your home are generated by renewable power or not. Rest assured that your commitment to purchase renewable energy will result in the supporting our efforts to help lessen our reliance on coal and other fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy Enrollment

Yes, please sign me up to be a Renewable Energy Supporter. You choose the level at which you want to join.

Simply tell us the amount you wish to add to your bill. The rate is based on .50 cents per 100 kWh block.

Examples of Partnerships
$2.50 per month = approximately 5 blocks (500 kWh)
$5.00 per month = approximately 10 blocks (1,000 kWh)
$7.50 per month = approximately 15 blocks (1,500 kWh)

An average home uses a total of 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.

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Enter the monthly dollar amount you wish to contribute (this amount will be billed monthly).
An average home uses a total of 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.
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