Go Green

Our commitment to environmental leadership is part of our strategic initiatives, and we are convinced that pursuing renewable energy alternatives and giving members the choice to support those initiatives is the right thing to do. Whether you are looking to green your energy for commercial or residential, Connexus Energy has a program that will fit your needs.

Connexus Energy’s Renewable Energy Program is flexible and will provide residential and commercial members with a mixture of renewable energy from both wind turbines and/or solar arrays.
Renewable Energy
Explore the SolarWiseTM program. Our community-based solar gardens, help create an easy and affordable way for our members to support an environmentally-friendly energy alternative.
Review our interconnection process and rate schedules for Net Metering. Connexus Energy will either compensate or credit the member for their excess generation exported to the grid, depending on the rate option they elect.
Generate Your Own Energy

Not sure if rooftop solar is right for you?

Take our online assessment to get an estimate of costs and payback.