Electric Forklift Rebates

Today’s powerful and responsive electric forklifts are revolutionizing goods movement and manufacturing around the world. Advancements in technology, such as high voltages, AC-drive systems, and high-frequency charging, have boosted electric forklift performance and utility.

Electric forklifts offer lower operating and maintenance costs over diesel or propane, and provide improved health and safety conditions, particularly with indoor use applications. Converting forklift operations to electric significantly reduces fuel and operating costs.

Electric Forklift Rebate

The Electric Forklift program provides a rebate for commercial members that switch to electric from either a diesel or propane powered forklift. New facilities using electric forklifts, or businesses adding electric forklifts to their existing fleet, qualify for a reduced value incentive.

Download and complete an application form. Applications and required documentation must be submitted to Connexus Energy by December 15, 2023.