Commercial New Construction Rebate

Commercial New Construction Whole Building Efficiency Study

Earn rebates on your new building when you conduct a 3rd party whole building energy efficiency study. Connexus will provide a custom rebate based on energy savings measures installed and documented in a whole building efficiency report.

A whole building energy efficiency study is a comprehensive assessment of a commercial building’s energy consumption and the potential for energy savings. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings: The study can identify cost-effective energy efficiency measures that can reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.
  • Improved building operations and maintenance: The study can identify areas where building operations and maintenance can be improved, which can lead to better equipment performance and reduced downtime.
  • Certifications: A study can help building owners reach certifications such as Energy Star, LEED, or green buildings.
  • Improved comfort and productivity: Energy efficiency measures can enhance indoor environmental quality, resulting in improved comfort and productivity for building occupants.
  • Environmental benefits: Reduced energy consumption can lead to a lower carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future.
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