Agricultural Rebates

Agricultural Audit

Agricultural energy efficiency audits can help identify opportunities for reducing energy costs. Contact your Business Account Representative to see if an audit would qualify for a Connexus Energy rebate.

Engine Block Heater Timer

Farms and other business operators often use engine block heaters to heat the internal combustion chamber areas of internal combustion engines to suitable temperatures for timely starting. Unfortunately, this business necessity can be costly as many operators run their engine heaters all night long. This plug-in timer controls the operation for use during off-peak hours and prevents engine heaters from using more energy than necessary without sacrificing convenience or reliability.

Hog Farrowing Heated Mats

New construction barns using electric hog farrowing heated mats, or existing barns replacing heat lamps with heating mats equipped with automated climate controls are eligible when reducing electric usage. Using heat mats significantly reduces heat lost to ambient air by providing direct heat transfer to the piglets.

Irrigation VFD

Pivot field irrigators installed with a variable frequency drive (VFD) can provide varying motor horsepower based on variable well water tables: Higher water tables require less horse power to pump water for irrigation. VFDs ramp the motor up and down to optimize horsepower requirements for pumping water; saving energy and money. Soft start applications do not qualify for a rebate. Additional non-energy saving benefits include soft start motors to prevent start-up voltage spikes and reduce wear and tear on the motor.

Livestock Waterer

Electrically heated waterers are commonly used to provide clean water for livestock during winter months when temperatures may drop below freezing. Energy efficient waterers have at least two inches of insulation, resulting in the use of smaller heating elements (less than 250 watts). Energy-free waterers have at least two inches of insulation and no heating element, as they use ground source water to prevent freezing.

LED Lighting

Extended daylighting hours using LED lighting increases milk and livestock output. Manipulating lighting availability to increase production has been used for decades and research consistently reveals favorable results. High efficiency lighting makes this strategy operationally affordable while positively impacting productivity. See our Lighting Rebate page for more information on how to apply.

Ventilation Fans

Dairy and livestock farms utilize ventilation fans to control air quality and comfort. Air quality control improves oxygen levels, moisture, odors, and temperature, while eliminating airborne contaminants and disease. Automated ventilation controls optimize fan speeds and run time based on weather conditions to reduce operating costs.

Custom Projects

Custom projects require pre-approval and will follow the custom project rules.

Download and complete an application form. Applications and required documentation must be submitted to Connexus Energy by December 15, 2023.