Take advantage of energy saving programs and incentives.

Residential and business members can take advantage of energy saving demand response programs and incentives.

We also offer rebates for electric vehicle charger installations, water heaters, and more, incentives for alternative energy use, and financing options for energy efficient home improvements.

Learn about the wide range of rebates available to Connexus Energy business members to assist with cost savings and energy efficiency.
Business Rebates
Save with load management reduced rates for an air source heat pump, one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available.
Air Source Heat Pump
As electric vehicles become more widespread, Connexus Energy offers 100 percent wind powered and off-peak charging benefits and installation rebates.
Electric Vehicles
Connexus Energy offers rebates to our members for wi-fi thermostats when enrolled in PowerNap Air Conditioning or Rush Hour Rewards.
Wi-Fi Thermostats
Whether you are looking to green your energy for commercial or residential, Connexus Energy has a program that will fit your needs.
Go Green
Connexus Energy offers savings with qualifying primary electric heating systems and alternate heat sources.
Dual Fuel
Heat storage can supply 100 percent of your home’s heating requirements, or can be used as a supplement to another heat source.
Heat Storage
Keeping water hot when it’s not being used is a waste of money, energy, and natural resources. Sign up for an energy-saving water heating program.
Electric Water Heating
Load control information is updated daily. Control times are approximate and subject to change based on weather conditions and other variables.
Load Control
Save energy and money with Peak-Time Rebate. We'll pay you for each kilowatt-hour of energy you save.
Peak-Time Rebate
Save with a ground source heat pump rebate from Connexus. GSHPs are ideal for today’s energy-efficient homes, providing 100 percent of your home’s heating & cooling.
Ground Source Heat Pump
Swimming pools and hot tubs use a great deal of energy, resulting in higher electric bills. Connexus Energy suggests these energy-saving practices for home hot tubs and swimming pools.
Pools and Hot Tubs
Our Residential Whole House Time-of-Day (TOD) Program offers an alternative rate structure to members who can shift their energy consumption outside the 4 p.m. - 8 p.m. peak-period.
Whole House Time-of-Day
Learn more about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
Inflation Reduction Act

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