Save money on your monthly bill while helping keep energy prices down for everyone.

Conserving energy is not only important for the environment, but also lowering your usage can decrease energy bills, saving you money and keeping energy costs down for everyone. At Connexus Energy, we’re dedicated to helping our members make smart energy usage decisions. We offer many informational and educational resources, programs and incentives, and energy-efficiency rebates for both business and residential members.

Explore the programs, incentives, and rebates available to Connexus members. For energy conservation resources and money-saving opportunities, we are your most powerful membership®.

Double up on savings with rebates from Connexus Energy. When you purchase a qualifying energy-efficient product for your home, you will benefit from both the energy savings on your monthly bill and with a rebate from Connexus Energy.
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Saving money on your monthly electric bill doesn't have to require a large upfront investment. By implementing just a few simple suggestions, you can reduce the amount of electricity wasted in your home.
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Highlights include reliability, competitive rates, new power supply arrangements, EV subscription rates and helping our members.