Safety Demonstrations

Connexus Energy believes in safety. Not only is Connexus Energy committed to safe practices and procedures in our daily operations, for both our employees and our members, we’re also dedicated to educating our communities about electrical safety. Learn about our safety programs and demonstrations below.

Hazard Hamlet

The Connexus Energy electrical safety education program for children helps reduce electrical accidents, prevent injuries, and save lives.

Our interactive Hazard Hamlet presentation, geared toward students in preschool through sixth grade, provides information on the dos and don’ts of electrical safety. Students witness the power of electricity, and learn about potential hazards associated with unsafe behavior around power lines and household circuitry.

Using the Hazard Hamlet interactive display, the presenter discusses scenarios with potential electrical dangers, including:

  • Cutting down or climbing trees near power lines.
  • Using ladders or working around power lines.
  • Using electricity near water.
  • Plugging appliances into electrical outlets.

Students who participate in our Hazard Hamlet program gain valuable electrical safety information that may save their lives. Each participant receives an activity book and pencil, and has an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation.

The Hazard Hamlet presentation takes approximately one hour and includes a 10-minute Louie the Lightning Bug video. For questions or to schedule a presentation for a group of 20 or more students, complete the form below, or contact Christine Costello at 763.323.2636 or via email.

Safety Demonstration Trailer

Connexus Energy has a creative live safety demonstration intended to teach children and adults in the community about the potential dangers of contacting a power line. A Connexus Energy Safety Demonstration provides an opportunity for community members to learn valuable information that may save a life. We teach electrical safety habits, demonstrate the power of electricity, and show the potential hazards associated with unsafe actions around power lines and household circuitry.

Participants see first-hand the safety equipment used by electrical line workers. They also get a close-up look at various conductors and components of the electrical distribution system, and gain a clearer understanding of distribution system operations. Special emphasis on low-voltage power includes the value of electrical outlets with a ground fault interrupter (GFI).

The presentation vividly shows the effects of contact with 7200 volts of electricity, and covers safety at work, home, and play, including:

  • Ladders and antennas
  • Construction equipment
  • Downed wires
  • Digging dangers
  • Gopher State One Call
  • Electric tools and water
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)
  • Flying kites

Your group or organization will gain valuable safety knowledge after participating in the Connexus Energy electrical safety program. Our safety demonstrations are full-scale, self-contained, and customizable to your group. The presentation can be scheduled for an indoor or outdoor location, and takes approximately 45 minutes.

For questions or to schedule a demonstration, please complete the form below, or contact Christine Costello at 763.323.2636 or via email.

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