Stay safe around electricity.

As part our ongoing commitment to electrical safety, Connexus Energy provides resources, information, and educational opportunities to increase awareness of electric hazards. Stay safe around electricity. Learn how with Connexus Energy.

Information on maintaining proper tree clearance, scheduled tree trimming for Connexus communities, tree planting, and more.
Tree Trimming and Planting
Downed, frayed, or low hanging power lines and damaged meters can be dangerous. Report a hazardous condition.
Hazardous Conditions
Generators should be installed by qualified electrical contractors. Watch our video, “Generator Safety During a Power Outage.”
Frequently asked questions about Gopher State One Call state requirements for excavation and underground cable locating. Call Before You Dig.
Gopher State One Call
Download these free guides with outdoor and indoor electrical safety tips and prevent electrical accident injuries.
Safety Checks
Connexus Energy offers electrical safety programs including interactive safety demonstrations and the mobile safety demonstration trailer.
Safety Demonstrations
Safe Electricity® is a public awareness program of the Energy Education Council. Life-saving electrical safety resources and information.
Safe Electricity
Be aware of electrical equipment and power lines while plowing. Snow plow safety tip. Report damage to electrical equipment.
Plow it Safe
Contractor Safety Orientation program information, safety manual, and other Connexus Energy safety resources and orientation materials.
Contractor Safety
Check out these guidelines to remember when planting near transformers.
Transformer Safety

View informative videos on electric & hazardous conditions