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Electronic Billing

OnlineBilling.jpgReceive, view, and pay your bill online - FREE

More and more of our members are looking to us for ways to help conserve the environment. Paperless electronic billing (eBill) not only makes it easy to be green by reducing paper, it also puts money in your pocket (save over $5 a year in stamps) and helps keep our costs down.

Getting started with eBill

There are several ways you can choose to receive, view, and pay your Connexus Energy bill online. Use our online payment service or use another online bill pay service (such as your bank).

Wells Fargo    US Bank    MyCheckfree    MSN    Many Others

If you're already enrolled in an online service (such as your bank), it is likely your Connexus Energy bill can be delivered to you electronically. Check with the bill pay service provider or use the reference list.

How eBill works

Instead of mailing your monthly bill, you'll get an eBill summary sent to your inbox. A copy of your complete bill is just a click away. You can choose to print it, save it to your computer, or file it online. Once enrolled, up to 13 months of billing history can be stored, depending on the bill pay service you choose.

After you've enrolled, if you want to have your bill paid automatically, you must select that option at the eBill site. You decide when you want to pay and specify which bank account to pay from.

After you have successfully enrolled in the eBill program, you will no longer receive your Connexus Energy bill in the mail - you'll get an email notification instead.

Please note: eBill is NOT a credit card payment service. For information on making an online payment using a credit or debit card, click here.

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