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Improving Reliability in Your Area

In April 2024, Connexus began capital project work to bury the overhead electric lines in this area. Click here for the project area map. This will improve the reliability of electric service to those neighborhoods and help prevent future power outages due to weather and trees. We anticipate completing this large project by yearend; however, some pieces may extend into early 2025.
Affected members were mailed a letter in March. The overhead powerline directly serving those homes (the line attached to the house/meter that runs back to the pole) will be buried. If it is already buried, we will be onsite to reroute the power to the new power sources. The costs and coordination with electrical contractors will be paid for and managed by Connexus.
Please return the card mailed to you in March or use the form below if you are part of this project. An electrical contractor will contact you to schedule a site visit. The contractor will review the work needed and ensure we have the required materials before we start work on your underground improvements.

Project FAQs

Will it cost me anything to put the line underground?

No. Connexus covers all costs associated with bringing your service up to code and burying the lines that are part of this project.

Since you are running the new wire would there be any cost to increase my service to 200 amp?

The meter socket being installed is rated to handle up to 200 amps, but the electrical panel inside of your home is beyond the scope of this job. However, the socket will be able to handle your current and future needs with up to 200 amps.

How are obstacles such as decks, concrete slabs, sprinkler systems, fences, etc. dealt with when burying the electric lines?

We will use boring to go under the obstacles. Since each property may have its own obstacles, a representative will reach out to you when the project gets closer to your home to discuss the details of your specific job.

Will the pole you installed to clear my garage be removed?

If the pole was used to raise your service wire and there are no other utilities attached, it will be removed. If other utilities are attached to the pole, contact your cable and/or phone provider to inquire about having those services buried so the pole can be removed.

If I currently have underground lines from the overhead poles, will this project affect me?

Yes, if your underground power is fed from the overhead poles, it will need to be refed to the new system we are installing in the road right of way. We will likely splice into the existing underground line to minimize the work that needs to be done, but a representative will reach out to you to explain the work that needs to be done when our project gets closer to your home. You may be contacted at this point because you have an underground service, and we will need to get to a pole in your yard to remove or access something as part of this project. Again, we will reach out to you to let you know the specifics as they pertain to your lot as the project gets closer to your house.

Will the poles in the back yard be removed?

The electric part of the pole (top) will be cleaned up and removed, but the communications part of the poles will remain. If communications do not exist on the pole, it will be removed. Over half of the poles in this area are owned by the phone company and we rent the space. The other half are owned by Connexus, and we will transfer ownership at the end of this process.

Will phone and cable be buried at the same time?

No, phone and cable will not be buried. They are their own entities and therefore outside of our scope and budget for this project.

Will you stay in the rear easement or move to a roadside distribution network?

This project's scope is to build a roadside distribution network. This will eliminate overhead rear easement systems that are hard to access and require us to repeatedly clear trees to keep the quality of service we want to provide.

Will I have a transformer in my yard?

Yes, you might, but we always try to share this by setting it on a lot line to share with a neighbor. If the transformer is on your lot, that box will provide you with power.

Do I need to be home for this conversion?

No, not directly. Most communications can be done by phone or email. Please update your contact information using the reply card mailed to you in March or using the form below. If there are reasons that we need you to be home, we will work out those details with you as we assess your needs.

Will any work occur inside my home?

Inside work is uncommon, but it is possible. There may be electrical inspections that must be recorded, but those will be scheduled with you individually.

How long will this project take and when will you get to my house?

We will work on installations of the underground lines and cutovers of homes in stages from April until October, removals of old system may go into the winter and restorations may not be completed until next summer. As we approach your area, we will contact you to get you involved in the process.

Will you do restoration/repairs on my house, roof or yard?

Yes, we will do temporary and permanent restorations throughout the process. Some final restorations may take until the beginning of next summer to complete.

How long will I be out of power?

The cutover process is typically completed in under an hour. We build the system to your property before we arrange the time to move you from the old system to the new system to minimize how long the cutover takes.

If I lost the letter that was sent to me, can I still get my power buried for this project?

Yes. Please use the form below to tell us you want your power buried. We record your acknowledgement and contact information for upcoming communications.

How will you communicate important project updates?

Letters, door hangers and automated phone calls will be used to communicate important updates during this project.

Can I choose not to participate in this project?

Yes, you can use the card mailed to you in March or the form below to tell us you do not want to have your line buried. If you do not convert your overhead service to an underground service, a new pole will be placed on your property to continue the overhead service to your home. If you decide later to have the line buried, all normal fees for the underground conversion and your private electrician will apply (ranging from $2,500-$3,500).

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