Major Power Outage Reports

Stay informed of the facts and details regarding major power outages affecting our members. We generally post outage reports within 72 hours of the outage. Reports are available throughout the duration of each month.

Listed below are this month’s major outages lasting five minutes or more and affecting at least 500 members.


No outages to report.


Forest Lake (5/16/19)
At 12:27 p.m. Thursday, May 16, 2019, Hugo Substation Circuit 2 recloser locked out, leaving 2,410 members in Forest Lake, Hugo, Lino Lakes, May Township, and Scandia without power. The outage was larger in its extent due to the backfeeding of May Substation for maintenance. The circuit recloser opened while it was set on hot-line tag, which makes it very sensitive to fault current when crews are doing hot work. Our crews and GRE’s crews were away from the line when this occurred. Our crews patrolled the line looking for the cause of the fault but did not find a definitive cause. At 1:09 p.m., power was restored via SCADA to all affected members. It’s possible a tree brushed the line or a squirrel made contact with the line while the recloser was set on this very sensitive setting, but the cause of the outage remains under investigation.