Organizations Worked Closely and Collaboratively on Contracts that Transition Connexus Energy to be a GRE Customer; Connexus members will continue to receive reliable, affordable, sustainable, and resilient electric service.

Connexus Energy Members,

The Boards of Directors of Connexus Energy, Great River Energy (GRE), and GRE member cooperatives have voted to adopt new wholesale power and transmission services agreements between Connexus and GRE. The innovative and forward-looking agreements enable Connexus Energy to maintain our long-run affordability and reliability, while also opening additional options to green the grid.

For our Members, Connexus has been working hard to have more flexibility to meet the needs of the more than 330,000 people living in the eight suburban and rural counties we serve. On behalf of our elected board of directors, staff, and members, we thank Great River Energy’s membership, board, and staff for working with us to create a new working model which enables Connexus flexibility and innovation—a great example of cooperatives working together for members.

Under the power supply and transmission services agreements, effective January 1, 2023, Connexus will transition to being a GRE customer. 

Direct perspectives from organizational leaders

“These agreements are a leading example of cooperatives working together. We appreciate Great River Energy’s membership, board, and staff for working with us to create a new model that enables Connexus flexibility and innovation.”

Greg Ridderbusch, president and CEO, Connexus Energy

“We have a strong ethic of serving our members. Our board sees this transition to a customer as being on the path to creating new options in service to our members.”

Fran Bator, Board Chair, Connexus Energy

“Great River Energy and Connexus Energy worked collaboratively to develop a customer arrangement that accomplished Connexus Energy’s goals with minimal impact on Great River Energy’s member-owner cooperatives. This is a unique arrangement that displays the collaboration and innovation among electric cooperatives.”

David Saggau, president and CEO, Great River Energy

Additional details of the two agreements are available from both Connexus and GRE.

In the coming years Connexus envisions using its flexibility to provide new options for members to save energy while also benefitting from modern all-electric transportation, home appliances, and heating and cooling building innovations.

Just as our founding members in 1937 sought to modernize life with the early grid and first electric devices, we look forward to modernizing our power supply — working For the Members — to adapt to changing technologies like electric vehicles and battery storage, as well as variable market conditions while providing affordable and reliable electric service.

Members who have additional questions may contact our communications lead, Rob Davis, [email protected] or 763.218.7656.

Thank you for being a member-owner of our cooperative.


Fran Bator
Chair, Connexus Energy Board

Greg Ridderbusch
President and CEO, Connexus Energy

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