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Monitor your energy usage

Connexus is dedicated to helping you save energy and money. Our cold winters often lead to increased electricity use. We created two ways for you to access helpful tools to monitor your usage – the Connexus Energy app for iOS/Android and online when you sign into your account at connexusenergy.com.

You can view your consumption in increments as small as 15-minutes, by day, or by year. You can use this information to potentially change your energy consumption behavior. Add additional data like the temperature, precipitation, or humidity to consider how they affected your usage. The example below shows three months of daily usage.

Energy usage example

Get personalized recommendations from our technicians

Set up an energy assessment with a Connexus technician to learn how your household uses energy. The cost is $40, and income qualified members are eligible for a free assessment.

Our technicians can:

  • Assess load sources and offer recommendations on how to lower usage
  • Give you a packet with energy saving tips
  • Provide an energy saving kit with 8 LED lightbulbs

Request an energy assessment at connexusenergy.com/assessment.

If you cannot pay your winter bill, we want to help

Contact a representative at 763.323.2650 if you cannot pay your Connexus bill. Our goal is to not disconnect your electricity. We work really hard with you to share the energy assistance resources that you may qualify for and to set up a modified payment plan that you can more comfortably pay. Visit connexusenergy.com/cwr for resources by county.

These power users greatly raise your winter bills

  • Indoor space heaters – running a 1,000-watt space heater for 12 hours a day will add about $40 to your monthly bill
  • Outdoor heat cable/tape
  • Electric blankets
  • On-demand hot water heaters

5 ways to reduce your energy use

  • Lower your thermostat setting while away or asleep – program this or remotely turn the temperature back up before returning if you have a Wi-Fi thermostat
  • Rotate ceiling fans clockwise to help distribute your heat
  • Unplug appliances and tools you are not using – they continue to use electricity in standby mode
  • Open window shades with direct sunlight to help warm your room and close those that do not face the sun to add some insulation
  • Do not heat empty rooms – close vents or doors
Winter 2023 newsletter

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