The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced 19 institutions will host fellows as part of the new $6 million Clean Energy Innovator Fellowship program. The competitive program matches recent graduates and energy professionals to host institutions at critical energy organizations. Connexus Energy is one of six electric utilities selected to host a DOE Fellow and the only utility in the Midwest.

The fellows will work at selected public utility commissions, municipal and rural cooperative utilities, and grid operators to advance innovative clean energy solutions. At Connexus the DOE Fellow, an accomplished University of Michigan Master’s program graduate, will focus on a project titled: Developing a Replicable, Programmatic Approach for Accelerated Electric Vehicle Deployment by Electric Co-ops while Maintaining World-Class Reliability.

Economic, employment, and commuting trend data from the state show that workers who live in the counties served by Connexus Energy primarily work in different counties and have a mean commute that is 17-25% longer than the statewide average. With more options for electrified transportation becoming available, including trucks and sport-utility vehicles, we expect to see significant growth in EV load in Connexus’ service territory in coming years.

CEO Greg Ridderbusch highlighted increased adoption of electric vehicles by Connexus members in remarks at the 2022 annual meeting.

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