Annual Review Thank You

April 14, 2022

Annual reviews are commonly used for looking back, but Connexus, as your most powerful membership®, also looks forward to elevate our ambitions of service to you, to elevate the modernization of the electric energy business, and to elevate our care for community.

As one of the nation’s first 100 electric cooperatives, Connexus Energy was started with a unanimous vote of members in 1937. And while there have been many unanimous votes since then, in 2021 the Board voted as one, in favor of pursuing power supply alternatives — an action that is elevating us to the next level in serving our membership with increased flexibility in our purchasing options as well as competitive pricing for our next 80+ years of service.

We gathered with members and community leaders last summer to celebrate local investments and the power of membership with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Sunflower I and II, our newest solar projects near Princeton and St. Francis. Saving costs while greening the grid, Connexus Energy is now locally harvesting over 20 megawatts, enough to power more than 2,800 homes. We also applaud members who express their commitment to greening the grid through energy conservation, investing in their own rooftop solar panels, or joining our new Renewable Energy Club. And not to worry, there is plenty left — more than 1.7 million megawatts of sunshine is delivered to our service territory most days.

The basics — affordability, reliability, safety, sustainability, savings programs, and financial strength — pair with 2021 growth taking us past 140,000 member accounts. The progressive refresh and modernization of our resilient electric grid, the hard work of staff, line workers, meter techs, member service agents, accountants, engineers, and more is enabling Connexus to provide a fifth consecutive year of no rate increases in 2022.

An electric cooperative isn’t all electrons and wires. In 2021, we were humbled by recognition for how we strike a balance between affordable electricity, agriculture, and environment. Award-winning filmmaker Jesse Roesler produced a short documentary, “Pollinators, Prairie, and Power,” relating the story of Connexus Energy’s proactive decision to ensure productive use of the land under and around our solar arrays. Our pollinator-friendly projects benefit nearby crops, and we work with partners like Bare Honey. Stop by our front desk to purchase a jar of honey, with all proceeds going to charitable purposes.

And these modernizations are just in time. No less than six different major auto makers launched major advertising campaigns for new electric vehicles in the last few weeks — it’s exciting something as old as electricity is being elevated to coolness again. We’re ready for it and so are you. In 2021, nearly twice as many Connexus members as the previous year signed up for our special electric vehicle charging rate.

Connexus is leveraging the best new electrical and grid tools to provide innovative programs like Peak-Time Rebate that save you money and additional services that put control into your hands such as the new Connexus App for your mobile phone.

So, we briefly reflect on accomplishments of the past year and the heritage from the decades. We are most grateful to elevate our vision and hearts serving all members of Connexus Energy.

This story appeared in Connexus Energy’s 2022 Annual Review.