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Minnesota’s power grid is successfully weathering the cold

Historic winter weather in Texas and other parts of the country means an increased demand for electricity. Blackouts and rotating outages in Texas may have you wondering about reliability here in Minnesota. How is our power grid? Is Connexus Energy equipped to handle a similar situation? What effect does renewable energy have on reliability? The short answer is … Minnesota utilities are handling it. This weather is nothing new to us. Here’s some information about our power grid and how it differs from Texas.

Reliability during Polar Vortex

There have been no market issues with the power grid that serves Minnesota during this latest Polar Vortex.

  • Minnesota is part of a larger electric grid, MISO North, that powers many states, which allows us to share any increased load or demand for power. Texas’ power grid is isolated from the rest of the country. At no point during the recent cold snap were rolling blackouts even considered in MISO North. MISO requests for targeted times for conservation have been successful.
  • Connexus Energy’s distribution system, along with our power supplier, Great River Energy’s (GRE) generation and transmission systems are designed to provide reliable electricity in extremely cold weather.

Reliability with the addition of renewables

Renewable energy is actually helping us weather this latest Polar Vortex in Minnesota. 

  • Minnesota’s renewable energy is reliable. We’ve learned how to operate wind turbines in severe weather. 
  • Connexus’ solar arrays and battery storage have performed well during the past few weeks. In fact, they have been very productive. 
  • The power grid will increasingly be served by wind and solar but the change-over in generation is being carefully and methodically managed. Connexus, GRE, and MISO North are all working together to make sure that our members and the entire region have sufficient energy, capacity, and transmission.

Thank you

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