Substation Vandalism

A growing safety concern

We need your help before someone gets hurt. In the last few weeks, vandals broke into at least five of our substations and caused extensive damage. One of the incidents resulted in an outage to hundreds of our members.

This type of vandalism not only compromises the integrity and reliability of our electric distribution system, it also creates a very serious safety risk for Connexus Energy employees, the public, and the vandals themselves. Not only is this type of illegal activity extremely dangerous for those involved, but the vandals are also putting others at risk of being seriously injured or killed.

Connexus Energy will pay up to $5,000 to any individual for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the crimes. Anyone with information regarding theft or damage of Connexus Energy property is asked to call 763.323.2750. If you see a theft or break-in in progress, please call 911.

Thank you. We’re in this together.