Andrew is a 9th grade student from a local high school. For his Eagle Scout Service Project, he teamed with Connexus, the City of Ramsey and Troop 506 to construct and erect a red-tailed hawk nesting platform and a walking trail sign. He named the project Hawk-N-Sign.  

Pigeons and other rodents are a problem in a hay barn that stores trailers on the Connexus property near the Sunwood Drive gate. Since red-tailed hawk hunt pigeons and rodents, we hope the platform will attract a nesting pair whose presence will reduce the pigeon and rodent population and their damage to our barn.

The trail sign has two different educational sides. One side contains a map of the City of Ramsey trail system and the other side contains fun facts about wildlife potentially seen along the trail.

While Andrew hoped for good weather for the construction and installation of Hawk-N-Sign on Oct. 5, it rained the entire day. Andrew was surprised to have more help than anticipated – 19 volunteers who worked for approximately five hours onsite at Connexus. Andrew said he was able to shift some duties from one person to multiple people so everyone felt included. He learned quite a bit about project leadership that day. Andrew reviewed safety rules before starting construction, like wearing safety glasses, closed-toe shoes, a vest and a hard hat when needed.

Connexus provided the utility pole, cedar and screws for the nesting platform, and the trail sign materials were paid for by the City of Ramsey. Tom Hoxter used a bucket truck to dig the hole and set the pole with the nesting platform already attached. The troop dug the holes for the trail sign and then set the sign in. You can find the nesting platform near the hay barn and pole yard. The trail sign is located east of the Bunker Lake Boulevard entrance to Connexus.

We wish Andrew well during his Eagle Scout Board of Review, which is where he meets with three to six board members to present his project and determine if his application is approved. Only 4-6% of eligible Scouts achieve Eagle Scout status. Andrew could join the ranks of famous Eagle Scouts like astronaut Neil Armstrong, Olympian Willie Banks, former president Gerald Ford, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Walmart founder Sam Walton, director Steven Spielberg, pianist John Tesh, actor Zach Galifianakis and Connexus CFO Mike Bash.

UPDATE: Andrew’s Board of Review was on Saturday, Dec. 7, and it lasted around 40 minutes. He passed! The paperwork will be sent to BSA National for review and approval, and then Andrew will receive his official Eagle Certificate. He hopes to have his Court of Honor ceremony in early February.