Storing the sun’s energy for you

Storing solar energy in a battery. An idea that just a few years ago would not have been economic. But, today Connexus Energy is turning it into reality. Welcome to a new energy future as construction begins this summer on Connexus Energy’s innovative new solar plus battery storage project.

“We’ve listened to our members who tell us they want more renewable energy but they do not want their electricity to cost more,” says Connexus CEO Greg Ridderbusch. “We get it. With prices coming down for solar, we’ve found a way to accomplish that. We are building two more solar arrays in Ramsey and Athens Township. These will add 10 megawatts of renewables to our energy mix. However, what makes this project unique is that we’re integrating large scale battery storage at both sites.”

Brian Burandt, VP Power Supply, says Connexus has found an innovative way to make solar energy more valuable by using batteries. “Energy prices differ throughout the day. They increase when people come home from work in the evenings and really spike on extreme temperature days.” Most solar energy is produced when there is lower demand and the price is lower. Says Burandt, “Our plan is to discharge the stored solar energy during peak hours when energy costs are the highest. We refer to this as time-shifting solar energy to a time of day when it has more value.”

The Ramsey and Athens Township solar arrays with the integrated battery storage are expected to be in service before the end of the year.

Coming in August!

Connexus Energy Cash Back

2018 scholarship recipients

Connexus Energy invests in the education of our youth. In 2018, we donated $58,000 to our local high schools for their scholarship programs. Congratulations to all the grads!

Andover High School Josie Berg | Jessica Lysne | Jared Vidervol | Jian Zheng

Anoka High School Martha Labine | Terra Lieser | Maxwell Lowse | Breanna Rola

Becker High School Allison Schmidt | Weston Schug

Big Lake High School Dalton Chouinard | Angela Johnson | Hannah Kuhlow | Makayla Mullen

Blaine High School Mackenzie Allen | Griffin Nelson | Ben Olson | Margaret Wehr

Cambridge-Isanti Madalynn Carlson | Jacob Nelson | Alyson Niebur

Centennial High School Rachel Garofalo | Reily Haney | Christina Monroe

Champlin Park High School Nicholas Catlett | Benjamin Hoffman | Allison Kelley

Coon Rapids High School Dylan Lee | Gael Ntambwe | Bryce Peterson | Nathan Reineccius

Elk River High School Alexandra Ditter | Kelsie Hoffmann | Matthew Syverson

Forest Lake High School Donovan Bohn | Mitchell Conley

Ivan Sand Community School Connor Hass

Legacy Christian Academy Sidney Manske | Jadyn Nelson

Pact Charter School Lauren Conradi

Princeton High School Jaden Faddler | Wyatt Lawrence

Spectrum High School Erin Bozich

Spring Lake Park High School Avery Bentrott | Theresa Drexler | Maida Fazlic

St. Francis Christian School Ali Koel

St. Francis High School Jake Buchanan | Hannah McCann | Lindsey Pavey

STEP Alternative High School Linea Her | Kendra Olsen

White Bear Lake High School Ngan Dao | Victoria Linssen | Malorie Miller

Zimmerman High School Brendan Dahl | Thomas Haupert

If you are interested in applying for a Connexus Energy scholarship, please contact your high school directly.

Co-op cuisine

Pink Lemonade DessertPink Lemonade Dessert


60 Ritz crackers

3/4 cup melted butter

9 oz tub Cool Whip

1 14 oz can Eagle sweetened condensed milk

1 small can frozen pink lemonade


Mix cracker crumbs with butter. Press into 9 x 13 pan. Fold together Cool Whip, sweetened milk, and partly thawed lemonade. Spread over cracker crumbs. Chill and serve.