Scammers target utility customers

You receive a call from someone claiming to be your utility company and they tell you your payment is past due. They threaten to shut off your power if you don’t give them an immediate payment, what would you do? If you send them a payment, you’ll probably end up a victim of a widespread utility scam.

Connexus Energy has received numerous complaints from our residential and business members about this growing phone scam. It’s possible there are many more members who have not called us and have unwittingly fallen victim to the scammers.

How to tell if you’re being scammed

It’s probably a scam if the caller demands immediate payment and threatens immediate disconnection. If you’re asked to wire money, use a money order, a gift card, go through PayPal, or make a payment that is outside our regular payment process, chances are good you’re being scammed.

Connexus has a process in place before disconnecting any service. There is no “immediate” disconnection. We send letters, leave door hangers, and discuss payment arrangements with members. In addition, we do not disconnect at night or on weekends.

The scammers have gotten more sophisticated over the years. Now, their caller ID appears to originate from the utility. Not to mention copying our interactive voice mail system to make you think you are calling us. That’s a practice known as spoofing. If you’re unsure about any call you receive from us, call our member services phone number, 763.323.2650, which is also on your bill. That way you’ll know that you’re dealing with Connexus Energy.

If the call turns out to be a scam, please report it immediately to your local police.