How to prepare for your meter upgrade

The meter upgrade will be implemented in several phases, with completion expected in late 2018. Connexus Energy will notify you in advance of upgrades in your area.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare for your meter upgrade:

  • Clear access to the meter – Please be sure there is a clear path to your meter, and that the area is free of other objects and debris. If you have a locked gate or other restrictions that prevents our technicians from accessing the meter, please contact Connexus Energy at 763.323.2650.
  • Look for our door hanger – Once the meter has been changed, the technician will leave a door hanger indicating the results of the meter change.
  • How to know it’s us – For your safety and security, all technicians will wear uniforms identifying themselves, and will be able to provide proper identification. These technicians do not need access inside your home and will not ask you for payment or personal information. If you have any questions or concerns about who is at your door, call us at 763.323.2650.