AMI Meter Upgrade

As part of our commitment to continuous service and reliability improvement, in early 2016 the Connexus Energy Board of Directors approved a plan to replace and upgrade all meters. Our current metering system is more than 20 years old and is being replaced with upgraded technology. There is no cost to members for the Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) upgrade.

Connexus Energy staff, along with our Directors and advisors, conducted thorough research and preparation for this investment. The technology is proven and safe, and your data will always be secure.

The upgraded meter technology will serve as a platform to deliver improved programs and services, including:

  • Improved reliability – the new technology will help us pinpoint and respond to outages more effectively, a tremendous benefit to members.
  • Member tools & service – current and future tools to empower our members with information to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their electricity use.
  • Environmental benefits – provides better interconnectivity of renewable energy sources, demand response, and energy efficiency.

All Connexus Energy residential and business members will receive an upgraded meter. Because of the scope of the undertaking, the upgrade will occur in several phases, with completion expected in late 2018. The map below illustrates estimated installation periods.

AMI Upgrade Map - hennepin county apr 2017 to jun 2017, sherburne county jul 2017 to sep 2017, anoka county apr 2018 to jun 2018, washington county oct 2017 to dec 2017

To Opt-Out of the meter upgrade, visit our opt-out page and complete the request form.

If at any time you wish to have an AMI meter installed, contact Connexus Energy at 763.323.2650

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the current metering system being replaced?

The current Connexus Energy metering system is more than 20 years old and is being replaced with upgraded technology. This is a typical and necessary utility investment.

Are all Connexus Energy members getting an Upgrade Meter?

Yes, all residential and commercial members will receive a new meter. If you wish to keep your existing meter, you must submit a meter upgrade opt-out request, and you will be charged a monthly opt-out metering fee.

How will members benefit from the AMI Meter Upgrade?

AMI technology enables us to deliver value to our members with future offerings, such as pre-pay, flexible due dates, new rate options, and advanced outage detection. In addition, members will have access to more information about their daily usage to better assist with energy savings.

How will the Meter Upgrade affect rates?

We expect the AMI investment to result in operational savings. The AMI meter upgrade will help rates remain competitive.

Are the meters safe?

The meters work on a wireless radio frequency (RF) technology similar to that of a cordless phone, baby monitor, or garage door opener. The meters emit a single-watt signal for no more than four to five seconds every four to six hours, so the radio frequency is used for less than a minute a day. When compared to a cell phone, it would take more than one thousand years of exposure to the meter’s radio waves to equal that of one month of typical cell phone use. The amount of RF transmitted by the meter is below the federal FCC safety regulations for RF exposure.

When will I get my new meter?

It will take time to work through our entire service area, with completion expected for late 2018. Connexus Energy will notify members of their upcoming installation via mail several weeks in advance. Refer to the Meter Upgrade Installation Map for an estimated time period for your area.

Will the installation interrupt my power?

You may experience a brief power outage when we replace the meter, expected to be no longer than a few minutes. Learn more about how to prepare for installation.

Do I need to be home when you install the new meter?

No. A meter technician will leave a door hanger indicating the result of the meter exchange.

How will I know if the meter technician on my property really works for Connexus Energy?

All installers will be able to provide proper identification upon request, along with properly marked vehicles. Contact us at 763.323.2650 with questions or concerns.

Will my bill look different after the upgrade?

No, your bill will not look any different.

Will I be billed differently after the meter upgrade?

No. Even though your new meter has the ability to measure energy at shorter intervals, you will continue to be billed based on your monthly usage. Commercial accounts currently billed a demand charge will continue to be billed demand and energy charges.

How will the new AMI Meter Upgrade system work?

The new meters will record electric usage at fifteen-minute intervals for both residential and commercial customers. This data is sent to Connexus Energy periodically during the day through a secure wireless connection or fiber network.

Will a meter reader still read my meter each month?

No. The AMI meter enables us to read your meter without setting foot on your property or disrupting your schedule. We will still periodically perform field and safety audits of Connexus Energy metering and other electric distribution equipment. For additional questions about the AMI meter upgrade, please contact us at 763.323.2650.