Meter Information

The meter technology serves as a platform to help us deliver improved programs and services, including:

  • Improved reliability – the new technology will help us pinpoint and respond to outages more effectively, a tremendous benefit to members.
  • Member tools & service – current and future tools to empower our members with information to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their electricity use.
  • Environmental benefits – provides better interconnectivity of renewable energy sources, demand response, and energy efficiency.

If at any time you wish to have an AMI meter installed, contact Connexus Energy at 763.323.2650

Frequently Asked Questions

How do members benefit from this technology?

AMI technology enables us to deliver value to our members with future offerings, such as pre-pay, flexible due dates, new rate options, and advanced outage detection. In addition, members have access to more information about their daily usage to better assist with energy savings.

How does the meter system work?

The meters will record electric usage at fifteen-minute intervals for both residential and commercial customers. This data is sent to Connexus Energy periodically during the day through a secure wireless connection or fiber network.