Budget Billing Enrollment

How the budget billing program works

  • Your account must be in good standing prior to enrolling in the budget plan. Accounts with a past due balance are not eligible for the program.
  • Budget amount is based on the home's previous 12-month usage. To ensure an accurate budget is determined for your home, Connexus Energy recommends enrolling in budget after living in the home for a year.
  • If the home has been vacant or is newly constructed, we highly recommend members wait six months before enrolling in the budget program.
  • Your bill will show your monthly charge and new balance, but you pay your budgeted amount.
  • Once a year your account balance will be reconciled and a new budget billing payment amount will be calculated based on your actual usage.

Budget Billing Request Form

Please complete and submit the following information. You will receive an emailed confirmation with your new budget amount, please contact Member Services at 763.323.2650 with any questions.

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