Power Supply Planning


Historically, GRE has performed resource planning for its members from a GRE system-wide perspective. As part of our transition at the end of 2022 from GRE Member to GRE Customer, Connexus Energy now has the flexibility and autonomy to design our future resource portfolio. By developing and executing our own Resource Plan, we can leverage the knowledge we have of our system and the businesses we serve, along with feedback from our members, to design a future that makes the most sense for our membership.

In 2023, we will be developing a 10-year Resource Plan to serve as a long-term roadmap for meeting the future energy needs of our members. The Resource Plan will outline our strategy to continue to provide reliable, resilient, and sustainable electricity to our membership at a reasonable cost over the coming decade.

Planning timeline

Resource Planning Timeline

Components of a resource plan

The resource plan is anchored in a long-term load forecast that considers local economic growth and major industry trends, such as electric vehicle purchases and rooftop solar adoption. We will develop a “base case” load forecast to reflect the world as it is today, along with best estimations of load growth over the coming decade. Finally, we will develop a robust plan for resource portfolio additions to meet future member load needs and compliance targets.

Stay informed

Any new or updated Information regarding the resource plan can be found here.

Individual member input or feedback on any aspect of the resource planning process can be submitted via the form below. If you are interested in Connexus evaluating specific resources as part of the resource planning process, or if you have any questions or recommendations regarding our future resource mix, please let us know.


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