Wi-Fi Thermostats

Summer is when Minnesotans use the most electricity; this is also when it's most important to conserve energy. The air conditioning programs not only help to conserve energy, it also reduces your electric bill.

That's good for you. Good for us. Good for the environment.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Options

Option 1 - PowerNap® Air Conditioning

For members with Honeywell, Lux, or Emerson brand thermostats.

  • Get a FREE Wi-Fi thermostat or get a $125 rebate
  • Receive a summer monthly credit of $10/month
Traditional Cycled Air Conditioning

Option 2 - Rush Hour Rewards

For members with Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E.

  • Get a $125 rebate
  • Receive a summer monthly credit of $10.00/month

Contact Member Services with questions about the air conditioning program at 763.323.2650.


  • Nice program. I can help the electrical load issue and get a discount on my electricity too!
    – Orlin
  • The program works well. Notifications via email are great.
    – Bryon
  • Easy to do and save money. Didn't see any impact on household temperature.
    – William
  • Works amazing and I love being able to control from my phone.
    – Jamie