Interested in being a part of the SolarWise community?


A cost-effective solar option you can own

SolarWise is a community-based solar garden designed to make it easier and more affordable for our members to support an alternative, environmentally-friendly energy option.SolarWisePricingBurst.png

How it Works

Become a part of the SolarWise community by purchasing solar panels located in the solar garden at Connexus Energy. The energy produced from the solar garden helps supply energy to our distribution system.

While the energy created doesn't directly power your home, you will receive a credit on your electric bill based on the output of the system. Check out how much energy is being produced right now.

Benefits of SolarWise

  • No costs to install solar panels on your property.
  • No worrying about maintenance or repair costs.
  • Lock in today's electric rate for the community solar portion of your Connexus Energy bill until the year 2034.
  • Available to both homeowners and renters alike.

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