SolarWise is a community-based solar garden designed to make it easier and more affordable for our members to support an alternative, environmentally-friendly energy option.

The renewable energy produced from the solar garden is delivered directly to the electrical grid.

  • No costs to install solar panels on your property.
  • No worrying about maintenance or repair costs.
  • Available to both homeowners and renters alike.

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Members interested in this program can still enroll in SolarWise. Solar energy is still available from other solar gardens.

Join the SolarWise Community

Become part of the SolarWise community by choosing the rate that works for you.

Option 1 - Own Your Output

For each solar panel you purchase ($850/per panel), you'll receive a credit on your electric bill based on the panels monthly electric generation. You are entitled to the energy produced by each panel purchased until the year 2034.

As energy prices increase, the value of the kWh produced by your panel will increase.

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Option 2 - Pay As You Go

Go green without making a long-term financial commitment. Pay a monthly fee, in addition to your regular monthly bill, to offset all (or half) of your homes electric usage with the solar energy produced by the community solar garden.

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Option 1 - Own Your Output Option 2 - Pay As You Go
$850 per panel  $20 per month - Whole House1
$10 per month - Half House2
One-time upfront cost No upfront cost
Flexibility to offset any portion of
current electric usage
Offset all or half of your homes
current electric usage
Own the energy produced by the panel until the year 2034 No contracts - can cancel at anytime
You do not own the output of energy from the panels, no energy credit on your electric bill
Receive monthly credit on bill based on current electric rate Pay a monthly fee in addition to your regular electric bill to ensure your electric usage is from a green energy source

1Based on 850 kWh/month. 2Based on 425 kWh/month.

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