Connecting with our members

April 18, 2019

Dear Members,

On April 10, we conducted our annual business meeting to report on progress made at your electric cooperative utility during the past year.  Because time is precious, we know attending the meeting is difficult for most members to attend.  This open letter provides the highlights.

Business Results

  • 2019 is our second year running with a zero percent rate increase.
  • Member satisfaction rankings put us number two of 34 large upper Midwest utilities.
  • Our reliability is within the top three percent nationwide.
  • Our metering system was replaced – automation saves and new services are enabled.
  • Industry-leading solar + storage projects completed saving $1.8M in power costs per year.
  • Cash Back to members crosses a cumulative $100M in 2019 and $8M in 2018.

Election & Audit

  • Board members are your voice in governing the cooperative business, assuring competitive rates, approving budgets and investments, and setting strategies.
  • This year, members re-elected three directors Ken Fiereck, Shelly Peterson, and Peter Wojciechowski.
  • Results from the annual audit by Eide Bailly were clean. The report is available on our website.

You are a consumer-owner of a respected, successful utility providing a critical service that is affordable and reliable. As a cooperative, Connexus encourages every member to vote in the annual election for directors. We communicate actively with both mail in and electronic options. Whether to vote is your choice. Our role is simply to serve.

We close with a thank you to our members.  Expect your electric cooperative to maintain excellence in affordability, reliability, and member service.  Also, expect Connexus to be flexible and innovative as we evolve always with your benefit in mind.


Fran Bator, Board Chair

Greg Ridderbusch, President & CEO